The Armory

Part I - The Fantastic Armory

I don't know about you, but when I started playing Fantasy HERO one of the things that disturbed me most was the lack of source material, such as ready made magical items. Over the years, I've converted many magical items from different games to HERO System, and invented quite a few of my own. This article is an incomplete listing of some of my favorites, which you could use as is or change at your will for your own campaign. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, I'd be delighted to hear them. Just drop me an e-mail.

Special Weapons
Simple magical weapons can be built as described on page 478 of the HERO System Rulebook (5 Edition Revised). The following is a list of special weapons which inflict special damage. All of these are just examples, and the exact numbers can be played with to fit to your campaign.

Wooden Staff
4d6 Hand to Hand Attack, AVLD - only organic armor (+1½), hand to hand attack (-½), STR Min 12 (-½), two handed weapon (-½), real weapon (-¼), OAF (-1), independent (-2) plus 1" Stretching, 0 END (+½), always direct (-¼), no noncombat stretching (-¼), only to cause damage (-½), no velocity damage (-¼), OAF (-1), independent (-2), linked to HA (-¼).
Active Cost: 38
Real Cost: 8
This staff is a powerful weapon of nature magic. It ignores all armor and shields that are not completely organic (e.g., tough hides, leather armor, wooden shields, etc.). Similar magical weapons can be constructed for any organic weapon - clubs, arrows, etc.

Unholy Wounder
1½d6 HKA, wounds do not heal normally (+2), STR Min 13 (-½), 1½ handed weapon (-¼), real weapon (-¼), OAF (-1), independent (-2).
Active Cost: 75
Real Cost: 19
The wounds caused by this foul blade can not be healed normally. If healing magic is abundant in your campaign, some special ritual or potion might be needed for the wounds inflicted by this blade to heal. If it's rare, simple healing magic could suffice. Needless to say, the wounds do not heal naturally.

Additional Weapon Abilities
The following is a list of extra magical abilities that can be added to a magical weapon, after the weapon was built normally (as shown in page 478 of the HERO System Rulebook). As in the previous section, all of these are just examples, and the numbers can be altered to fit to your campaign.

3d6 RKA, 0 END (+½), no range (-½), weapon must do BODY damage (-½), only for purposes of calculating limb severing (-1), OAF (-1), independent (-2).
Active Cost: 68
Real Cost: 14
The magic imbued in this weapon makes it extremely sharp. It has a greater chance to severe a limb it hits in combat, which makes it much more deadly than it may seem at first glance. This ability can only be given to cutting or slashing weapons.

Ease of Use
+2 w/Weapon, OAF - weapon (-1), independent (-2).
Active Cost: 6
Real Cost: 2
This weapon is especially easy to use, and the wielder will find he can hit more accurately, parry more easily, etc. when using it.

Detect one definable object, discriminatory, ranged, 360°, +3 to PER rolls, OAF (-1), independent (-2).
Active Cost: 21
Real Cost: 5
This weapon has the ability to detect one definable object. When the wielder activates this power, the weapon will point towards the closest/largest deposit of such an object, gently tugging the wielder's hand.

1d6 RKA, +1 STUN multiplier (+¼), 0 END (+½), no range (-½), weapon must do BODY damage (-½), OAF (-1), independent (-2) plus Change Environment - Flame, 1 point of damage, 0 END (+½), self only (-½), no range (-½), OAF (-1), independent (-2).
Active Cost: 34
Real Cost: 9
When this weapon is drawn, its blade bursts out in a magical flame (which does not damage the weapon in any way). It can be used as a normal torch (for illumination, burning small objects, etc.) and inflicts extra damage when it hits an opponent.

Images - Bright Light, 2" radius (+¼), 0 END (+½), persistent (+½), only to create light (-1), always on (-½), no range (-½), OAF (-1), independent (-2).
Active Cost: 23
Real Cost: 5
This weapon emits a bright light in a 2" radius. This light can not be turned off, but it can be hidden if the weapon is kept in its scabbard.

Shield Breaking
3d6 RKA, 0 END (+½), no range (-½), only against shields (-1), weapon must miss by no more than the DCV bonus the opponent gains from his shield (-1), OAF (-1), independent (-2).
Active Cost: 68
Real Cost: 10
This weapon can not be stooped by shields. If a shield comes in the weapon's way, it will be smashed and rendered useless, leaving it's holder defenseless.

Unskilled Use
FAM w/Weapon, OAF (-1), independent (-2).
Active Cost: 1
Real Cost: 1
This weapon is very easy to use, and even characters that don't know how to use such a weapon will find that the weapon guides their hands.

3d6 RKA, 0 END (+½), NND does body (+2), gradual effect - 1 day (-1¾), weapon must do BODY damage (-½), no range (-½), no knockback (-¼), OAF (-1), independent (-2).
Active Cost: 158
Real Cost: 23
This blade is poisoned. Anyone stabbed by it would probably die painfully within a day.

Normal magical armors can be built as described on page 487 of the HERO System Rulebook. The following is a listing of special abilities that can be added to a magical suit of armor beyond the heightened protection it gives the wearer. AS always, these are just suggestions. Feel free to play around with the figures to make them fit your campaign.

2d6 Succor to PRE, 0 END (½), persistent (+½), always on (-½), OAF (-1), independent (-2).
Active Cost: 20
Real Cost: 4
This beautiful suit of armor inspires awe on its onlookers. Friendly creatures will feel inspired by the wearer, while enemies will fear this fearsome figure.

Sword Breaking
3d6 RKA, 0 END (+½), damage shield (+½), only up to the amount blocked by the armor (-1), no range (-½), only against weapons (-1), OAF (-1), independent (-2).
Active Cost: 90
Real Cost: 14
This armor is a menace for weapons. Every point of damage that does not succeed in passing through the armor is inflicted to the weapon, ultimately breaking it.