Names in the Key of X

The worst X-Men names you'll never see in print

Warning: Weird humor alert. This is one of the articles where I've fallen of the deep end.

I was joking with a friend, a fellow UNIX programmer about the "X" prefix in anything graphic on our Unix platform - xemacs, xeyes and even xsokoban. One thing led to another, and soon we were making fun of Marvel Comics' X-titles, and their tendency to have an X in most of their names. Presented here is the outcome of a very late night with way too much caffeine and sugar and far too little hours of sleep - a list of all the worst X-Men character concepts you'll never see in a Marvel comic book. I've attempted to write these characters up, and you can see the ones I did at The Unlikely X-Men project in the Hall of Characters.

A few more names we came up with just didn't make the cut of getting written up as Unlikely X-Men, for various reasons. These names are presented in the following list, which we like to call The Unlikely Rejects.