(Peter Parkinson)
Val Char Base Cost Pts. Roll Notes
18 STR 10 ×1 8 13- 300 kg; 4d6
18 DEX 10 ×3 24 13- OCV: 6 / DCV: 6
8 CON 10 ×2 -4 11-
15 BODY 10 ×2 10 12-
15 INT 15 ×1 5 12- PER Roll: 12-
10 EGO 10 ×2 0 11- ECV: 3
18 PRE 10 ×1 8 13- PRE Attack: 4d6
14 COM 10 ×½ 2 12-
4 PD (STR/5) 4 ×1 0 Total: 19 PD / 15 rPD
2 ED (CON/5) 2 ×1 0 Total: 17 ED / 15 rED
4 SPD (1+DEX/10) 2.8 ×10 12 Phases: 3, 6, 9, 12
6 REC (STR/5+CON/5) 6 ×2 0
20 END (CON×2) 16 ×½ 2
29 STUN (BODY+STR/2+CON/2) 28 ×1 1
Total 68

Pts. Power/Talent/Skill/Perk Roll
Adamantium Manipulation Mutant Powers
24 Metal Manipulation Elemental Control, 30 active points, only in hero ID (-¼)
23 1) Metal Skin - 15 rPD / 15 rED Armor, plus Lack of Weakness, -15 to roll, linked to Armor (-¼)
24 2) Body Spikes - 2d6 HKA, increased STUN multiplier (+¼), damage shield doesn't require grabbing (+¼), 0 END (+½)
48 3) Hand Blades - 3d6 HKA (4d6 w/STR), armor piercing (+½), 0 END (+½)
Special Equipment
10 X-Men CommLink - Mind Link, up to 32 people, invisible to Radio sense group (+¼), others must buy this power too (-1), OIF (-½), independent (-2)
Attorney Skills
1 Perk: Licensed Attorney
3 Acting 15-
3 Bureaucratics 15-
2 Conversation 15-
3 Criminology 12-
2 Deduction 12-
1 Forensic Medicine 8-
1 Forgery 8-
3 Interrogation 15-
1 Lockpicking 8-
3 Oratory 15-
3 Persuasion 15-
1 Security Systems 8-
3 Streetwise 15-
2 PS: Attorney 12-
3 KS: Law 12-
3 KS: The Law Enforcement World 12-
3 KS: Mutant Related Legislation 12-
3 KS: Mutant Rights Organizations 12-
3 KS: New-York Underworld 12-
3 Science: Psychology 12-
1 Science: Mutant Physiology 8-
10 +2 w/PRE based skills
3 Well Connected
36 A dozen Contacts in the police, FBI, courthouses, etc. - useful skills or resources, +1 to roll 12-
6 A dozen Favors form police, FBI, courthouses employees, etc. 14-
Background Skills
1 Perk: International Driver's License
1 Perk: Passport
3 Perk: Money (300,000$ income a year)
0 Climbing 8-
0 Concealment 8-
3 High Society 15-
0 Paramedic 8-
3 Seduction 15-
0 Shadowing 8-
0 Stealth 8-
0 Transport FAM w/automobiles
1 AK: New York 12-
247 Skill Total
68 Char Cost
315 Grand Total

Disadvantage Pts.
Distinctive Features: Shows up on mutant-detectors (not concealable, detectable by unusual senses, extreme reaction) 15
Hunted by Various Mutant Haters (as powerful, 14-) 20
Normal Characteristic Maxima 20
Physical Limitation: Anemic (frequently, greatly) 15
Physical Limitation: Doesn't have total control of mutant powers (infrequently, greatly) 10
Psychological Limitation: Afraid of human touch (very common, strong) 20
Social Limitation: Secret ID (frequently, major) 15
Total 115

exterior \ik-ster'ior\ -adj.
outer; being on the outer side

(Random House Dictionary)

Peter Parkinson was born with a mutated form of anemia. In some way the doctors could not explain, he had absolutely no iron in his blood. Instead, his blood contained adamantium - a rare and virtually indestructible metal. Adamantium does not react with oxygen as well as iron does, so Peter always seemed to be tired and out of breath. But besides that, Peter had quite a happy childhood, being born with a silver spoon in his mouth.
But Peter's mutation didn't end in him just being anemic, although he didn't discover it until he was much older. When he was eighteen, he had his first girlfriend, Ellen. They had been dating for quite a few months by the time of their senior prom, and after a very enjoyable evening, they headed to a hotel room together, their intent clear to all. Their lips met and they kissed for a while, and then Ellen suddenly went stiff. He let go of her, and she fell down to the floor, a hole pierced from the inside of her mouth through the back of her head. Peter just stood there and stared for the longest minutes of his life until he understood what the murder weapon was. His tongue.
Terrified, he ran. Knowing that a mutant would never stand a change of a fair trial, he lied to the police. He said she was fixing them drinks and that she tripped and fell on an ice-pick. The police didn't believe him, for obvious reasons, but could not prove he had killed her. The case was closed for lack of evidence.
It took Peter months to get over the trauma, but eventually he did and began to explore his newly-found mutant powers. He discovered that he could take the Adamantium from his blood stream and fashion it at his will. But unlike other mutants discovering their powers, the super-hero idea didn't appeal much to Peter. Moreover, he understood that the mutant battle would be best fought from within human society, not from the rooftops of skyscrapers. He began to study law, and upon getting his licensee used his trust fund to set up a law firm specializing in the defense of mutants.
His path crossed The Unlikely X-Men's when he volunteered to defend X-Port standing trial for breaking and entering. His powers were revealed to plain sight when The Lockcrackers tried to kill them both to prevent X-Port from blowing their cover, and he was forced to go underground, joining The Unlikely X-Men.

Although Peter has learnt a lot about his mutantcy, he still doesn't have complete control over it. Every now and then, especially when in an extreme emotional situation, he will momentarily loose control. Ever since he accidentally killed Ellen he is petrified of human touch, fearing what he might mistakenly do to his friends. Most of the time, however, he hides his uncertainty quite well, and comes off as a confident high-society member that he was before the accident.

Peter is a handsome man is his early thirties. His brown hair is cut short and elegant, slightly combed to the left. His eyes are deep shade of green and always seem alert and questioning. He dresses in elegant suits, appropriate for a young and successful lawyer.
In his X-Terior guise, his body is covered with a metallic armor, with spikes and blades sticking out of his limbs. He wears a sleeveless black and blue body suit, with a bright X on his chest.

As noted, Peter can fashion the Adamantium in his blood stream and shape it at his will. He usually creates an armor coating over his skin to protect him, and a variety of blades and spikes he can use as close combat weapons. In combat, he covers his body with jagged blades and spikes, making it impossible for anyone to hit him with out getting slashed severely. His weapon of choice is a pair of straight, razor sharp blades he extracts from his forearms.
Note that under the Attorney Skills category, Peter has quite a bit of crime related skills at a familiarity level (8-), such as Lockpicking, Forgery, etc.. This is not to indicate that he has or even can practice these crimes, but only that he is familiar with the concepts from his many years of reading police reports and analyzing evidence.

X-Terior is in fact a remake of Goth, my first ever Dark Champions character. His personality and background are quite different from Goth's, but his powers are quite similar.